Wake in the middle of the night, in sometime to come? as the memory’s punch in the throat chokes you with realization’s grip Like I’ve tried to, in my sleep, Once grieving mouth moving to form Hissing syllables with once loving lips grazing sacramental skin Callous(ed) hands clasped tightly around your neck since your […]


I can’t love anyone. I can’t trust anyone. I’m socially anxious and awkward. I’m reclusive. I haven’t been able to work for over eight months. I have nightmares every other night. Searching fruitlessly behind cold blue irises in my dream state, for signs or the expression of depth. I have panic attacks randomly and in […]


Listen to this track. Nathan’s words say me better than I can today. Just asked a friend and fellow writer: can I let go of my pain, when pain makes me who and what I am. Pain. Darkness. They are the juice that flow in my veins and from my pen. Take them away, what […]


  Palpitations waken me Like celebrations (A)nother day on a knife edge, Felicitations! Bones: splinter, shattered or cracked Along with peace of mind – Yeah, really? Well just what IS that? Time: stolen Frame of mind: bruised and broken Left: behind Can’t rewind Suspicion: swollen Nights: naked in you Cheap as Rite Aid perfume Right […]

Against Our Will

  That mad distemper That strikes both Beggar and King Turning latter into former Over torturous time. Learn to let go Of everything inside. Be done. Being held hostage By the ghost of happiness’ chance Becoming malignant spirit Haunting with nightmares, post-traumatic stress and cognitive dissonance. Can we just skip the ‘getting to know one […]