The Bell Jar

When Life finally succeeds Beats me down For worms to feed Vengeful soul Still able to troll Will haunt what passes for Khaleesi’s home Smile made of chain link fence Cracks with laughter at misplaced Love’s expense Gifted the soul Reciprocity the goal Banshees will wail Lamenting my fail Your time and touch – my […]

All I Have

  Keeping going. Staying the course you charted for yourself, in the face of ignorant criticism and apathy has been and remains the hardest part of the journey. The music industry and the literary world are so similar to me, relating to the struggle for artistic recognition. So, to quote Nate Feuerstein who’s been a […]

Birthday Drink

  I hate you and I mean that with love, see Drank your birthday bottle, replaced Kentucky with cold tea Needed the fuel Emotional gruel Leaden words I wanted spit seeming so cruel Bourbon and Rye, medicine till I die Pain and loneliness: slot – fifteen presents I got Each one a brand-new hole Blown […]

Didn’t know it’d be like this (Introduction to Love and other four-letter curses: the aftermath of loving a narcissist).

Toxic love is like fighting a war. You want out, eventually, but at what cost to your soul? Popular misconception is – leaving instantly improves one’s life. Wrong. I want to challenge that assumption, because it’s not always true. You can walk away from a destructive situation and suffer terribly because of it. Escaping an […]