I’ve been opened enough

‘I don’t know if I can open up I’ve been opened enough I don’t know if I can open up I’m not a birthday present   I’m aggressive aggressive The past is over And passive seems so pathetic I was fated, faithful, fatal I was fated, faithful, fatal I feel stoned and alone like a […]

Blood on your hands

Nothing you can say Nothing you can do Nothing halts this pain I know the truth. Suffocate awake For the daily walk on a bed of nails, I wait For my heroin to return. I miss her purple hair I miss the way she tastes when my flowery words lubricate her unquenchable void Mommy’s abandonment […]


The furrow my dead brother so often spoke of, before he left me alone to cope, finally has me firmly entrenched. Unable to see over the sides, let alone claw a way out. Shattered. Like dropped crockery. And the jagged delicate pieces won’t fit together. I want to cease. To die, the end, to blink […]

Cadaverous Vestige

  A lone motorcycle pulled slowly into a tree-lined lane and stopped. The Suzuki lowered its kickstand, aerohood opening briefly to release a black clad figure instantly darting forward. The woman sprinted like a newborn shadow into a dense Willow tree line, surrounding Hotel Castle Osaka. Beyond the Willows, some fifty yards, stood a twenty-foot-high […]

Open-chested despair

  Not a day passes when I don’t feel I’d be better off dead. Yesterday I saw a girl in the market, looked like the daughter, not of my blood, I abandoned – to save my wretched sanity. That was all it took… Misery invades my veins like adrenaline’s nemesis. Making me ache for a […]


  Sickness belched into reluctant, groaning consciousness. Sebastian’s first instinct upon opening his eyes was to scream. His second was to reach behind his head, groping for profound pain’s source. His skull was split – from what he couldn’t remember. He couldn’t move either. Both arms restrained; tied to the arms of the chair he […]