Amputee Runaway.

Jack Morensky is an accomplished cripple, limping away from humanity’s most noble and insidious lie – love There is no prosthetic for the emotional amputee.  Unsurprisingly enough, my character’s (lack of) feelings mirror my own…   Advertisements

The Stain.

‘For years I kid myself, that I was a humane sheild, while wearing one. A watchful eye, a dedicated protector of good and decent people. I kid myself, that I was doing God’s work and that Uncle was proud. I’d even actually started to believe it, the horse shit, those lies I told myself – […]

Split across the void

Across the void behind closed lids drowning in snakes, my memories hid. Once my arms did hiss and writhe hungering for one more whatever before I died Fractured to dust with silent screams in darkness swallowed or so it seemed…    

Dead Things

I kid myself I can still feel you. Fingers hovering over the send key, only to tap delete and toss the device away. Alone together in separate darks. Like the small white sharks we have become – sniffing grief from a million miles away. Dead things who nevertheless bleed. Fresh blood, in the salted ocean […]

Fresh Bruises.

Late night gridlock took a while to dissipate. Not that he gave a fuck. Remnants of rush hour traffic from 23:00 until 01:00 hours rolled noisily over the recently repaired Talon’s Reach, ignorant of Jack’s suffering. His Ducati stood nearby on its parking tripod, twenty yards back, on the eastern sidewalk. Colonel Cole had relinquished […]


I taste like alcohol suffused teeth Simmering in misery Signifying the end Of love Gone Gone Thankfully Never to return

Pain is Love/Love is Pain

I left my old work thermos under the hob, in your kitchen. The same one I used to cook your meals in – in time for your return from work at weekends. The same kitchen we made six Christmas dinners in, together. The same place I used to mix your Gin and tonic for you. […]