Empty Bottle.

I used the last of my Diesel today. A birthday gift from you, two years ago. When we were happy… I dropped the bottle in the recycling and wept bitter scolding tears, that burned my face in the December cold. A simple task, so painfully hard to do, as if I were somehow throwing one […]

Not Today.

And so, God of Chaos with insane notions of balance or fairness, you come to claim my Father now? Death, you’ve taken too much from me already. Now you steal upon me, not with battalions but a single spy. I caught you – shivering across his grey face, hewn from rock seemingly more than skin. […]

Welcome to the Blackwater…

Thanks for joining me, whether you’ve just come aboard, or transferred from my first site Darkgingerbread. Blackwater Ink is the new home for my works of science fiction noir, blogs, foetry and dubiously themed & titled articles. For those of you who are new here, even if you’re just visiting? Welcome. Good company in a […]