Without a Rope.

Nocturnal Aesthetic Death Card
Source: Nocturnal Aesthetic.


Have another cold slice of heart disease, Dad.

Only make sure to smother it in enough butter to see teeth.

Partially hydrogenated milk fat laid like mortar on starchy carb bricks.

Cement for suffering arteries:

Failing blood tunnels on the verve of collapse,

Holding tsunami’s tide at bay with a broom.

You tiny, weak-willed, stupid greedy man.

You’ll never learn, until the Many-Faced God’s bleached bone hands are finally around

that thick neck, struggling under the weight of such hardheadedness.

Death hands me his card, perched upon your seat back, hunched over you, smirking.

His spirit horse is already pregnant, with another glutton for punishment

waiting to take your place, as it tramples you.


Not-so-Long-John’s parrot


Charon’s raven

cawing raucously, as he stands at the prow

Heralding the arrival of another fucking idiot

A few more years with family

less important

than another blissful taste of processed sugar and rendered fat?

Since I’ve been unable to get through

Since I failed to reach inside a loved one,




But no, you go ahead!


I’ll pass you off to my God.

‘A man presents his Father:’

Hell-bent and unbowed

Who bungee-jumped from this wretched mortal coil

without a rope…


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